Hunting Information

Vermillion Highlands offers a variety of hunting activities throughout the year. Permitted trapping, archery, and firearms hunting provide for responsible management of turkey, deer, pheasant, goose, coyote, raccoon, and other animals. 

Wildlife management activities at Vermillion Highlands are administered by the Minnesota DNR. For details on season start and end dates and required licenses and permits, visit the Vermillion Highlands page on the DNR website. Please contact the DNR area manager at 651-322-4643 with questions.

General hunting guidelines

  • Please do not block field access roads or gates when parking your vehicles.
  • Please respect the ongoing research and agricultural operations and do not interfere with such operations in any way.
  • Please do not trespass into areas delineated by fencing and marked "No Trespassing".
  • Dogs must be on a leash except when being used for Vermillion Highlands Late Season Pheasant and Goose Hunting purposes.