Soil, water and climate

Living mulch project

This study will investigate corn establishment in living mulch, with a goal of determing the best tillage method for establishing corn in kura clover. In partnership with the Minnesota Corn Growers, research also will look at the impact of perennial living mulch on runoff and erosion.

Proper nitrogen crediting for cover crops species grown prior to corn

This two-year study will determine  the nitrogen credit for corn from cover crops seeded into soybeans.

Anhydrous ammonia

The effects of application timing, and the use of nitrification inhibitor with anhydrous ammonia on corn yields, greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen losses are the focus.


This research will determine the effects of crop rotation, tillage and nitrogen management on corn and soybean yields, greenhouse gas emission, soil carbon, nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen losses.

Biochar research plots

Researchers will make an evaluation of the impact of biochar additions on continuous corn yields and soil properties.

Optimizing soil health in season extension environments through innovative cover-crop management (CIG)

This study will analyze annual cover cropping in high tunnel during the winter.