Insect pest management

Multiple studies are looking into developing insect pest management programs for apples in Minnesota, as well as insecticide trials to evaluate the efficacy of corn earworm control and insecticides on corn rootworm adult feeding on silks in Minnesota sweet corn. Research also looks at the efficacy of European corn borer control in Minnesota snap beans, evalutating the success of a push/pull strategy to manage corn earworms without the use of insecticides, and the development of an insect pest management program for Minnesota raspberries.

Biological control

This one-season study will look at the effect of biofuel plantings on the biological control of the soybean aphid.

Seed-applied insecticides

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of various seed-applied insecticides used against the soybean aphid, as well as the effect of the insecticide on plant reflectance.

Aphid management

Three separate experiments will evaluate the effectiveness of foliar-applied insecticides as well as the spectral response of soybeans to the soybean aphid.

Interaction of host-plant resistance and insecticides

An examination of how resistance plants affect the efficacy of insecticides on the soybean aphid by treating aphid-susceptibe and aphid-resistant plants with multiple insecticides.

Interaction of aphids and brown stem rot

This project will examine whether aphid injury can be distinquished from brown stem rot injury on soybeans using remote sensing.