Animal science

Beef cattle nutrition and management

Approximately 100 acres of the Rosemount Research and Outreach Center are used by the University of Minnesota Beef Team to conduct several research and education projects involving Extension, graduate and undergraduate students and youth. The Beef Team is a group of campus, RROC and Extension faculty members who seek to provide solutions to Minnesota's beef industry issues through research and education.

Turkey nutrition and and management

Poultry production is a vital and integral part of Minnesota's economy. Minnesota leads the United States in turkey production with more than 48 million birds raised each year. The current strength of the turkey research program at the University of Minnesota is in turkey nutrition and management, reproductive physiology and health/disease. Turkey research facilities are critical to the success of the research program and education of graduate students. Facilities at the Rosemount research and outreach center are used for long-term, large-scale research (noninfectious) in the production of commercial and breeding turkeys.